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*This Game Is Terribly Glitchy, I Favoured Sleep Over Fixing These Issues.*

This is a game about walking through tunnels, filled with unexpected things, if you can find the, “9 Mythical Unicorns”, you will be granted with a Big Mac coupon.

I threw this together quickly whether you enjoy it somehow, or not, this game was mostly made for the sake of participating in a "Game Jam", and of revisiting the engine with which I

started making games years ago, along with the little challenge of, making a, 3D Game, in,  2D Engine. If you are still reading this I sincerely hope that you have an amazing rest of the day.

Thanks to, Nebbmus, for making the texture.


               Loxyx: loxyx77@gmail.com

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TheGlitchyTunnelsOfUnExpectedness.zip 11 MB


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